Gift Registry (shiny!)

If you've ever been to our place (or helped us move), then you know that we already have more stuff than we know what to do with! However, like everyone else, we love cool stuff and could definitely use some new things to make our household easier and more fun. But even more than we love stuff, we also love to travel and we have an amazing honeymoon planned in Italy and Greece.

Several people have expressed interest in giving us gifts towards our trip. With that in mind, we created some traditional and not-so-traditional registries, as well as a honeymoon registry. You can read more here about the wonderful trip we have planned for our honeymoon.

Our Honeymoon Registry
Click here to send us to Italy and Greece!

Our Universal Wedding Registry
For the things that didn't quite fit anywhere else. There's some fun stuff on here!

Our Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry

Our Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding Registry