The cliffs of Santorini Venice at sunset The Roman coliseum The Acropolis in Athens The ancient library in Ephesus Stone lions at Delos Blue waters of Mykonos


We have a wonderful honeymoon planned to celebrate the start of our married life together. We are spending a few days in Venice, Italy and Rome, Italy, taking in the architecture, the culture, the art, and the history. We can't wait to see the palazzi lining the canals of Venice, see the famous Murano glass, visit the Roman coliseum, and see the splendor of the Vatican!

The Acropolis in Athens; the ancient library in Ephesus.

After we leave Italy, we'll board the Celebrity "Galaxy" for a 7 day cruise around the Greek Isles. In addition to relaxing and having some fun on the ship, we'll be stopping in Kusadasi, Turkey for a visit to the ancient ruins at Ephesus, then on to Athens where we'll see the Acropolis firsthand before moving on to Santorini for a spectacular view of the volcano that destroyed Minoan civilization, and finally we'll head to Mykonos for some relaxation and a tour of the ancient ruins at Delos. We'll see a lot of history and a lot of ruins, but we'll be sure to relax and have plenty of fun along the way.

Stone lions at Delos; blue waters of Mykonos.

Neither of us has ever been to Italy or Greece, and we are looking forward to two weeks of relaxation, excitement, and romance!

The cliffs of Santorini; Venice at sunset; the Roman coliseum.